Church of Jason Blackwalker

The Church of Jason Blackwalker God of Death Magic and Thievery

The church of jason blackwalker is the primary religion for those who believe that death is not a thing of worry but a step in the grand scheme of it all. it is also the religion of “robin hoods” Thieves of the world who believe in making sure the corrupt rich dont stay rich for long, by bringing the wealth of the corrupt and giving it to the oppressed poor. As for magic this part of the religion, is the belief of learning more about the magic that fills the world and the creation of new spells.


The cycle of life: When one dies their soul does not go into the final resting spot. instead the souls return to the river of life and are reborn as a new person. this continues until the soul has done either a Great good or a Vile Evil. when this happen they move to the final resting spot.

Soul Corruption:

is that when a soul is taken before its time or kept too long, it begins to corrupt, and by doing so prevents it from gaining ultimate enlightenment.

Church of Jason Blackwalker

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