Welcome to the Broken Continent Wiki

This campaign is set in Faerun on a undiscovered (until recently) continent that the High King of WaterDeep (living world long story behind this) has sent a Colony Seed to. This campaign follows one of 6 groups of adventurers as they explore the Broken Continent, and delve into the mysteries of this undiscovered land. The group consists of A Human Fighter who goes by the name of Roger, A Drizzitian Drow Theif/cleric who goes by the name of Veelas, an Elven Ranger, A Half-elf Fighter/wizard, a Dwarven Cleric of War who goes by Bresaadi, and a Drizzitian Drow Cleric of Death/Necromancer who goes by Waercice.

Current Events

Currently the Group is inside The Crypt of the First Emperor of The Ulnok Empire, Ulnok Redstorm. So far they have only made it to the second level of this massive crypt, encountered a Lich and several skeletal creatures.

The Broken Continent

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